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We are starting a new series of “Vegan Guides”. These will hopefully be short informative articles for new (And sometimes old) vegans on things such as diet, lifestyle and history of veganism. Check back on this page for new guides that will be posted in the future!


For any new vegan, the change in diet can be a drastic change at first. Not only that, but the questions surrounding nutritional information will always be asked by those around you. They are easy questions to answer, but only if you have the right information in hand.

Vegan Guide To Protein
Vegan Guide To Iron
Vegan Guide To Protein Powder
Vegan Guide To Vitamin B12
Vegan Guide To Non Dairy Milk
Vegan Guide To Calcium
Difference Between Heme and Non Heme Iron


Going vegan not only involves changing up your diet, but your lifestyle as well. Everyday products that you use may contain animal products that, given the right knowledge, are easy to avoid. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look out for, and have the alternatives shown to you.

Vegan Guide To Shoes
Vegan Guide To Cosmetics

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